Multidisciplinary creation studio that aims to transform each project into a unique organism. Paula Sertório and Victor Paixão are graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning from FAAP and Mackenzie respectively, and are at the forefront of PAX.ARQ. The office achieves national and international recognition and awards, such as: 21st Award Design Museu da Casa Brasileira; Adaptable Gallery London – Architectural Association competition; New Practices New York / São Paulo – awarded by the AIA (American Institute of Architects, NY); 20th Salão Design Award; Appointment to MCHAP (Mies Crown Hall Americas) participation in Milan Design Week (Íris Lamp).

The thin, circular structure of the eye responsible for controlling the pupil diameter and hence the amount of light reaching the retina. Inspired by this concept, PAX.ARQ created the Iris luminaire that is composed of two domes, one in aluminum and the other in wood, and provides user interaction with the model: by removing or approaching the domes the user controls the incidence of light in the environment.