Expedito Bezerra is the founder and director of the Linee Trattini Architecture and Design Studio. Bachelor’s in Architecture and Urbanism by PUC University in Goiás. He is an architect who develops residential, commercial, corporate and experimental projects, as well as product design collections. His imprint are demonstration of provocative concepts and expressive narratives.

Expedito has already received awards such as: Dubai Architecture Stars and Design Award by Núcleo Casa 2019 and Young Professional Award CASACOR 2020.

Versos Family

Verses are the melodic lines of a poem. The Versos (Verses in English) Family celebrates the beauty of the anomalous by uniting contemporary and poetic design with the energy of classic forms.

“It’s Versos for giving lighting an air of poetry.”

Expedito Bezerra – designer of Versos Family

Expedito Bezerra