“Bring forward solutions beyond expectations and always based on customers’ needs, being a facilitator to improve daily life of all and to provide, above all, the well being”. This is the mission that the Erlon Tessari Architecture and Interior Design Office work with. Erlon is at the head of the office and studied art design and interior design even before the architecture and urbanism college, which he concluded at UNIP in 2013. He got postgraduate degree in Interior Design from IPOG São Paulo (2016) and in Corporate Interior Design from FACAMP (2018). He has participated in shows such as CASACOR (2014 and 2016) and Most Sustainable Exposition (2017, 2018 e 2019), both in Campinas – SP.

ASA in Portuguese means wing. The ASA Family signed by Erlon Tessari allows the customer to be co-creator of this models, setting up those singular pieces according to the space area. One rod is fixed and the other rod (with the dome) can be slid back and forth and also rotated up and down. Its dome has articulation that allows adjustment of light focus.

A Disc is a circular shape that symbolizes perfection and movement. The disc is a great light reflector providing indirect lighting to the environment in the Disco Family. The spotlight can be focused at different positions. Movement, subtlety and simplicity sum up the concept of this line signed by Erlon Tessari.

Erlon Tessari